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Ajvar (chutney) with mushrooms

Djerdan’s traditional delicacy

without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors


     Djerdan’s, traditional Serbian sweet for centuries prepared for the special and important family gatherings. Preparation of this specialty requires a lot of knowledge, experience and skill; we are the one who will give to you the best opportunity to experience a full pleasure of these products.

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We have prepared three flavors:

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Djerdan’s- dried prunes filled with walnuts

net 360 g

     Many stories are told about fantastic combination of plum and walnuts but our story is the sweetest. Plum protects the heart and regulates blood pressure, and promises a good day that follows. Try a Djerdan’s in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.

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Djerdan’s- dried figs filled with walnuts

net 360 g

      Figs are one of the most beautiful fruits; it stimulates the brain function and affects a better memory. Therefore remember that 2-3 teaspoons of Djerdan provide energy and satisfy the craving for sweets in the healthiest way.

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 Djerdan’s- dried apricots filled with almonds

net 360 g

       Dried apricot is tasteful, dried apricots filled with almonds is delicious and then comes extraordinary Djerdan. Apricot keeps you young, almond keeps you strong and Djerdan keeps you young, strong and happy. Use Djerdan any time, even when you just need a smile.


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net 350 g

        Sweet Mix is homemade sweet, made from the highest quality dried fruit and nuts. It was prepared by manually cutting fruit and cooking in the traditional way, so that all ingredients save their nutritive value and flavor. Prunes are rich in antioxidants, and keep your heart and blood vessels healthy, besides it is a remedy for constipation. Dried figs stimulate brain function, and better memory. Dried apricots are rich in iron, so it is an excellent recommendation for anemic people. Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats that lower cholesterol level in the blood vessels. Sweet Mix is the best driving force if you are exhausted, or if you do the hard physical and mental work. Your romantic evening will be complete with Sweet Mix which is a remarkable aphrodisiac. Start your perfect day with one or two teaspoons of Sweet Mix.

two types of sweet:

slatko_jabuka.jpg (41160 bytes)slatko_jabuka.jpg (41160 bytes)

Sweet from apples

net 250 g

      Sweet from apples is prepared from healthy, sour apples grown in the mountains region of Serbia. This extraordinary dessert is prepared of grated apples and chopped walnuts in the traditional way.Sweet from applesis a fortune for your body that will sweeten your day and give you the energy you need.

      For special occasions it can be served as a spread for waffles and pancakes.


slatko_jabuka.jpg (41160 bytes)sargarepa_jabuka.jpg (41160 bytes) slatko_sargarepa.jpg (41160 bytes)
slatko_sargarepa.jpg (41160 bytes)slatko_sargarepa.jpg (41160 bytes)

Sweet from carrots

net 250 g

       Sweet from carrots is prepared from vegetables which are grown in the mountainous region of Serbia, where the land is unpolluted, so that the product is organic. This sweet is prepared by hand in the traditional way in open pots on the stove.Sweet from carrots is known as a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals and with the addition of peeled almonds is an exceptional treat that will sweeten your day and give you the energy you need.

      For special occasions it can be served as a spread for waffles and pancakes.

two types of salad:

vitaminska_salata.jpg (41160 bytes)vitaminska_salata.jpg (41160 bytes)

Vitamin salad

net 280 g

      Vitamin salad is a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, prepared specially for you as an indispensable complement to the main course.Beets, carrots, and apples are highly rich in all nutrients essential for your health. We recommend vitamin salad at any time of the day because it strengthens the whole body and it has beneficial effect on the immune system and metabolism.

      It should be served in the form of salad with the addition of lemon, garlic and olive oil.


vitaminska_salata.jpg (41160 bytes)cvekla_domaca.jpg (41160 bytes) domaca_cvekla.jpg (41160 bytes) slatko_sargarepa.jpg (41160 bytes)
domaca_salata.jpg (41160 bytes)domaca_salata.jpg (41160 bytes)

Domestic Salad

net 280 g

       Domestic salad is made according to old recipes with no added artificial colors and flavors. It is prepared from vegetables grown in the mountain regions of Serbia. Cabbage and carrots are the perfect combination for a salad as nutrient rich and medicinal ingredients. Cabbage and carrots contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and have the antioxidant effects, beneficial for the body. Homemade salad will provide refreshment and pleasure of enjoying the taste of fresh vegetables.

      It is served in the form of salad with the addition of apple cider vinegar, garlic, pepper and olive oil.

two pypes of chutney:

ajvar_sa_vrganjem.jpg (41160 bytes)ajvar_sa_vrganjem.jpg (41160 bytes)

Chutney with mushrooms (boletus / porcini)

net 300 g

      Chutney is a special kind of salad, a specialty of the Balkan cuisine, made of red bell pepper. Our mushrooms chutney is made from premium vegetables and highest quality mushrooms. Boletus is highly appreciated mushroom, it’s growing in ecologically clean area, cut and dried in sunlight and heat. Boletus mushroom has unusual flavor, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and because of his special aroma and medicinal effects it is known as the king of wild mushrooms.

       It is served as a salad, often as a spread on bread or seasoning.


ajvar_sa_vrganjem.jpg (41160 bytes)ajvar_obe.jpg (41160 bytes) ajvar.jpg (41160 bytes)
ajvar.jpg (41160 bytes)ajvar.jpg (41160 bytes)

Carrot chutney

net 300 g

       Chutney is a special kind of salad, a specialty of the Balkan cuisine, made of red bell pepper. Chutney is traditionally made in the fall from the highest quality peppers, and it is used throughout the year.Our chutney is prepared in the traditional manner of grilled and peeled peppers and carrots.Chutney is prepared by a unique recipe with a lot of patience and hard work, handmade in order to achieve the best product quality.

      It is served as a salad, often as a spread on bread or seasoning.

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exclusive gift packages:

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classic pakages:

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